Top 10 Sustainable Denim Brands OLD

1. Blue of a Kind

Blue of a Kind is a fashion company built on the idea of mixing street fashion with vintage to create a new luxury.

All products are handmade from vintage products, as well as leftovers and surplus stock. The jeans go through no wash process, meaning the colour and fades achieved have come from years of wear.  Their formula to deliver the finest denim styles is: to apply traditional Italian sartorial expertise and contemporary cutting edge design to existing products.

They have chosen to work with local suppliers and artisans to bring production back to home where skillful craftsmanship still exists where production plants are 100% compliant with European regulations, wages, and fair working conditions.


2. Boyish Jeans

BOYISH focuses on quality, fit and authentic washes to create styles that remind you of your favourite pair of vintage jeans.

Boyish is committed to sustainable production through recycling all cutting waste, using reduced indigo so that water can be recycled after, and uses sustainable fibres such as, recycled cotton, Tencel, Refibra, and deadstock/vintage.

As for washing/finishing, Boyish washes with ozone, laser, and enzyme’s to reduce the amount of water and chemicals needed.

Lastly, Boyish Jeans is a member of 1% for the Planet and donates 1% of their annual profits to the organization.


3. DL1961

DL1961 is a New York based premium denim company known for quality and comfort, but also their sustainable measures.

DL uses ethically sourced, premium cotton, and water-efficient botanic fibres. Natural indigo derived from plants is used, which allows almost all of the water to be recycled and reused at their factory.

To top it all off, their facilities are solar powered, with an in-house power generation plant.


4. EB Denim

EB Denim was founded by Elena Bonvicini in California. The brand first launched after Elena discovered that her cut-off jean shorts she made from thrifted Levi’s were a hit.

Her designs grew from there, and now she creates intricate denim pieces made from vintage Levi 501s.

There are no additives in the process, just deconstructing old garments and reconstructing them into new modern styles.


5. FEEL Jeans

FEEL Jeans are produced in California from durable, heritage weight denim. They are designed, assembled, and sustainably washed in small batches allowing for more control and transparency.

The jeans are washed with 100% organic softeners and zero toxic chemicals. They also use ozone technology to achieve the natural looking fades.

Lastly, FEEL uses natural vegetable dye on the back patches, so each pair will wear differently.


6. Foreign Denim

Foreign Denim is a sustainable fashion brand, refining and modernizing vintage garments in contemporary and limited collections.

All pieces are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and pressed before they are worked on. Each design is hand made and one of a kind.

The focus is up-cycling premium, vintage denim and t-shirts. Each collection is hand picked, piece by piece, with specific styles and design in mind.



I and Me is a denim brand based out of East London, UK. Focused on contemporary solutions for both men and women, I and Me delivers seasonless products built to last you a lifetime.

Their key focus is on fabrication and function, so they allow their collections to move at their own speed.

I and Me collaborates with mills from around the world, but most commonly from Japan on limited run denim casts and colours.


8. Outland Denim

Outland Denim is an Australian based company that goes beyond sustainable production.

"They source the finest, environmentally sound raw materials from around the world while offering training and employment opportunities to women rescued from human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and other human rights abuses.

Our circular business model allows our seamstresses, staff and customers to participate in creating a better world not only for themselves but for the next generation by stopping the cycle of abuse, exploitation and poverty through opportunity and personal empowerment.”


9. Toko Nikomu

Toko Nikomu is a cutting edge fashion brand based in Ukraine.

The brand only uses recycled materials, up-cycling vintage denim that would otherwise be sitting in a landfill waiting to decompose. There is no washing or chemicals added, so the colours and fades of the jeans have all been achieved through years of wear.

Every piece is pressed and cleaned, so they are yours to work in and mold to your body.


10. Triarchy

Triarchy is an L.A. based denim brand who does it all. Their three main focuses are on water consumption, fabric and hardware, and the people making their product. 

One of the main features at Triarchy's factory, in Mexico, is an onsite water recycling facility that reuses 85% of the water from production via a biological reactor.

Triarchy uses cotton/tencel blends and denim using recycled fibres. Tencel is a fibre processed from the eucalyptus tree and requires 85% less water to grow than cotton does. The labels and buttons on their jeans are made from recycled leather and recycled sheet metal, conserving water by up to 80% as well. Lastly, Triarchy’s Atelier line is a ready-to-wear collection made entirely out of vintage denim.

Triarchy takes it one step further by donating a portion of each sale to the Isla Urbana foundation. This partnership has helped communities gain access to sustainable, off-grid water access by collecting rainwater in catchment systems for home, school and town supplies.