It is no doubt that fashion is one of the most wasteful industries and denim in particular is under attack for being one of the worst offenders. We know a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions are linked to the manufacturing of garments and unfortunately, garments are being worn 40% less than the previous generation. This leads us to the real problem - over production /over consumption.


We produce way more than we need, so much so that some of what is produced is never actually worn, and goes straight to the landfill. Some brands will partner with different organizations to donate their unsold goods, but if an estimated number of 150 BILLION garments are produced a year, 30% (45 billion garments) is WAY too high a number, so we need to be collecting and analyzing data to make our supply chains more efficient and minimize waste.


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Your Mindset

In order to change the outcome of denim production, it needs to start at an individual level

You need to think before you purchase and ask yourself:

Where was this made? 

Who was this made by and what were they paid? 

What affect did its productions have on this planet? 

What will happen to it when I am done with it? 

You should always be thinking: 

Be Curious

In a world where big companies can cover their actions with more publicity stunts, it is important to ask questions and dig deeper. Knowledge is power people! The more you know about a company, the more you can make educated purchases.

Do Something

We can change our mindsets and ask the questions, but doing something about it is the hardest part. Sustainability is a journey that looks very different for everyone. It can start with taking your old clothes to a donation center, or saving up to buy a good quality pair of jeans that will last you years instead of your $20.00 pair that barely lasted one season. For Ani, owner and founder of Simply Suzette, it started with buying her first pair of sustainable jeans and grew from there.

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Ani Wells

Director of Simply Suzette