EB Denim

EB Denim is founded by 18 year-old Elena Bonvicini.  The idea was sparked by when she visited thrift stores with her grandma in Wisconsin. She would buy jeans, alter them, and sell them to her friends.  After a while she decided to expand and open a website with replicable product.  Now her jeans are worn by Chiara Ferragni, Danielle Bernstein, Kylie Rae, Brittany Xavier, Paola Alberdi, and many more.  Their denim is sourced in Los Angeles and is remade in the USA, as well.  The majority of their denim is Levi’s 501XX meaning that the original pant was also made in the US.

EB Denim takes up cycling to a whole new level to create a pair of undeniably edgy and sustainable jeans.

  • uses recycled textiles/reuses textile waste
  • meaning no new materials are used in production
  • handcrafted in LA 


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