Simply Suzette is an online platform that bridges the gap between the denim industry and consumers. Denim is a dirty business, but there are ways to make this blue world green! Simply Suzette provides you with the information you need to make more informed purchases and goes behind the scenes to bring you industry secrets. It's time consumers know what's going on!

Simply Suzette asks the questions: where did it come from, how was it made, what were they paid, what impact did its productions have on our earth, and how will it decompose/be recycled or brought back into the supply chain? 



Simply Suzette eliminates the need for you to continually research where to find the best of ethical and sustainable denim, so you don’t have to sacrifice ethics for aesthetics.  You can browse through the curated selection of Simply Suzette approved brands in the "Shop" section, read the #DiligentDenim Blog for news in denim and sustainable fashion, or peruse through the "Learn More" pages to educate yourself on what YOU should be looking for in a pair of jeans! Read more about the different sustainable production processes here

Simply Suzette also operates as a sustainable business itself, recycling all denim scraps through the Blue Jeans Go Green program and using eco-friendly packaging made from 100% post consumer waste, thanks to EcoEnclose. 


Hi! My name is Ani Wells, Owner and Founder of Simply Suzette. I created Simply Suzette for fashion and, more specifically, denim lovers like me to learn more about the sustainable production processes in the fashion industry. After graduating from a post-graduate fashion management program, I was mind-boggled when learning about the consequences denim production has on people and our planet. Everything is give and take. You don’t have to be a human rights activist to care about the person who made your jeans, or an environmentalist to know our consumerism habits have to change. We all have a conscience and a choice. I hope to influence you all to think for a second before buying something. It’s my goal to preserve the world and take care of the people in it. For me, that started with sustainable denim and thats why I created Simply Suzette.