The Top 10 Upcycled Denim Brands to Follow

Textile recycling is our way to a circular economy, but reusing is still better than recycling from an environmental standpoint! I've compiled a list of my favourite upcycled denim brands from around the world for you to find your perfect pair.

Blue of A Kind

Atelier & Repairs

E.L.V Denim

Triarchy Atelier

B Sides Jeans

Shop Redone

And Again

EB Denim

Bonum JP

Ksenia Schnaider


I hope you take a look at these amazing brands who are turning your trash into treasure and follow me on Insta for more brand recommendations, updates and all things sustainable denim. STAY DILIGENT FRIENDS!

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  • Very impressed with your imaginative use of denim and your determination to make it sustainable.
    Ani, I wish you every success. You are in the right path for the future.
    Good luck!
    pat martin


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