The Perfect Pair w/ Will Varnam

We're back for the second edition of "The Perfect Pair" with Will Varnam, Founder of @Rugged_Style, freelance writer, and vintage archivist. Will is one of my style icons (his vintage pieces are always pristine), so I was very interested in knowing what his favorite pair was :)



1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do, and why you love denim.


My name is Will Varnam I’m based in Birmingham, UK. I work as a freelance writer and as Sales Manager at a menswear store here in the UK (@liquorstoreclothing). I’ve been collecting vintage menswear for almost twenty years and share my passion for these interests through my Instagram handle @rugged_style 


I’ve worn denim for as long as I could choose my own clothes. I grew up skateboarding during my teens and I can remember buying second hand Levi’s from thrift stores (when it wasn’t ‘cool’ to be buying second hand!). Denim is such a hard-wearing and versatile fabric, it’s the modern-day casual uniform. It works with anything and everything. It also has such a rich history that really appealed to me, I always like to dig into the archives. 


2. What is your favorite pair of jeans and why?


My favorite pair of jeans are an old pair of Full Count which I actually bought second hand off eBay. They were well worn and had some machine repairs but still needed work to bring them back to life. I’ve done a lot of sashiko and patch repairs using vintage Japanese or military fabrics. The fit is a classic straight and they’re an earlier pair of Full Count jeans as shown by the back pocket arcuates being the same as Levi’s. They’re a great fit and I love the uniqueness of them! 



3. What is it about our denim community that really pulled you in?


I was initially fascinated by the history of denim, both from a cultural and garment perspective. But the denim community is such a great body of likeminded individuals and continues to inspire me on a daily basis. The creativity, dedication, and passion with the denim community is amazing, it’s allowed me to connect with so many great people.



Thanks, Will for the inspiring words and showing us how fun mending and repairing can be :) Happy Friday friends!

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