Sustainable Stretch Fibres

When trying to find the right pair of sustainable jeans for my audience, it is hard to offer jeans with stretch in them, as the stretch fibres are not eco-friendly in any manner. That changes NOW with Vidalia Denim, a US textile maker, and Lubrizol Corporation


Lubrizol has developed a new elastomeric monofilament that is manufactured differently than spandex. It's called Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). The fibre allows for 360 degree comfort stretch and support, breathability and recyclability.


Lubrizol is providing an innovative solution for jean makers in a time where consumers only want denim with stretch. Another factor consumers' eyes widen at is the term "locally made." Lubrizol's collaboration with Vidalia will allow brands to work locally in North America, providing a truly local product.


The brand Wrangler has already started working with Vidalia's new textiles. I am excited to see what products Wrangler develops with this new technology. 



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