My Sustainable Denim Story

I’ve always been a denim addict. My first pair of designer jeans was bought at a very young age (hardly old enough for them to fit me properly). I would go once a year on Boxing Day to Over the Rainbow (Toronto’s go to for denim) and pick my pair for the year. As I grew older, I started buy more and more of it. I would distress, cut, and reinvent my old jeans for fun and now I can see I was destined to be in the denim industry. My dad was probably a heavy influence in my love for denim, as he wears jeans with everything and at any time. Even in 40+ degree weather he’s wearing them. But, as I learned more about fast fashion, I knew my consumption habits had to change.



My sustainable denim journey started in 2017 when I was in my product development class studying fashion management. I was shocked to hear how horrible traditional methods of denim production were to the people making the jeans and the planet. My first sustainable pair of jeans were vintage. I got into buying vintage and second hand because you can find beautiful unique pieces with so much character and grit, and not to mention, usually at a great price. But, I really wanted some new modern styled jeans that were sustainably produced. So, I started my research to find the best sustainable denim brands out there. That is where the whole concept for Simply Suzette stemmed from.



If you are wondering how bad denim is for everyone and everything, it takes 2900 gallons of water to produce just ONE pair of jeans, not to mention the harmful chemicals going into dyes. These chemicals are harmful for the workers involved in the process, as well as finishing processes. I don’t want to get into the nitty gritty stuff quite yet, but just want to open your eyes a little more to what goes on behind your jeans and why you should start your sustainable journey too. I say journey too because it really is a journey, it doesn’t happen just like that, it’s a process.



Anything is a step in the right direction, for example, a washing tip I tell everyone is to NOT! Just don’t wash your jeans. It shortens the life of your jeans by washing and drying them! Of course if you have a stain, you can give them a wash, but even washing your jeans less is a step towards starting your sustainable denim journey. You can also repair your jeans instead of getting rid of them and buying a new pair! Here is a quick list of small changes you can make to start:

  • Take twice as long to wash your jeans as you normally would
  • PRO TIP: don’t wash them at all
  • Repair
  • Upcycle
  • Donate
  • Recycle

Come back next week for more news, street style, vintage, sustainability and all things denim.

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