Are Denim Brands GREENWASHING?

Recent talks with Adam Taubenfligel, co-owner of Triarchy denim, sparked my interest on writing a post about GREENWASHING. Many new denim brands are emerging with sustainability as the focus. But, are they really interested in bringing you jeans that are good for the planet and people? I don’t think so. Some are of course, but a lot are using ‘sustainability’ as a buzzword.


What shocks most people is the exhaustive amounts of water used in traditional denim production (2900 gallons per jean), so this is what marketers are really targeting. Most “sustainable” denim brands are using water saving production process like, Jeanologia’s washers,  Smartex washers, ozone gas, or lasers that use a fraction of the amount of water regular wash houses use. But, what about the mills, the fabric, the rivets, the buttons, the labels and the zippers? Were they sustainably made, or even ethically produced? AN where does all of your factory waste go? Yes, of course, it is great that these brands are taking steps in the right direction, but be sure to do your research because this marketing strategy is being used to make you spend $$$$$. Take the new brand BOYISH JEANS, for example. I love their styles and commitment to making sustainable jeans, but they don’t explain the processes anywhere on their websites. SO YES, you are committed to sustainability, but in what ways and how much. I think a big part of being a sustainable brand is transparency. Knowing how and where your product was made, what process you usde to manufacture  it, how many employees you have, etc., makes customers feel confident in their purchase, and also just makes your company seem that much more interesting.



Now, this doesn’t mean I won’t buy from these ‘sustainable’ brands, I am just not completely confident that the brand has used completely sustainable production processes if they are not open about their techniques.


Comment here or on my latest instagram post @SimplySuzette if you want to see a list of the most committed denim brands out there today.


For the meantime, STAY DILIGENT FRIENDS!

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